If you are interested in joining us as a member of Gro Odense and if you would like to see our gardens, stop by at Åhaven on the official meeting day, every Wednesday, from 16:30.

Membership of Gro Odense, which gives access to all activities and events arranged in Åhaven, costs 100 kr. and applies from 31st of March until 31st of December. Membership fees will be invested in Gro Odense’s activities.

In 2020, a membership of Åhaven costs 100 kr. per household and a further 100 kr. for rent per raised bed.

If you wish to rent two raised beds, the price is thus 200 kr. for raised beds + 100 kr. for membership = a total of 300 kr. Fees collected in relation to the rent of raised beds will be invested in garden tools for Åhaven, water, assorted materials such as geotextile and maintenance of raised beds.

You can also be a member of Gro Odense association without being affiliated with the garden. Such a membership gives you the opportunity to help us arrange activities and the opportunity to participate in our events or just enjoy the garden and nice company.

If you want to become a member, send an e-mail at with your name, address (+ number of raised beds in Åhaven). Then, for Åhaven you transfer: 100 kr. for membership plus 100 kr. per raised bed.

You can transfer your payment via Mobilepay or directly to our account. Remember to state your name in the text box when transferring the money.

Receiver: Odense Byhaver
Bank: Folkesparekassen
Konto nr.:0000 388 351
Mobile Pay: 510330

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.